SW Michigan + NWI Food Truck 



We're into making really good food, and taking it on the road. Our truck is defined by world tastes, and unique umami flavors fused with food truck favorites.  

Our theory is that we want to bring awesome flavors to our patrons, and encourage them to explore. We do that by taking ingredients from around the world and serving them in a way that is familiar to our Midwestern roots. Basically, we want to be your gateway truck. We want to get you hooked on umami and empower you to seek more.

The way people eat is changing, and we’re here for it. That’s why you’ll always see vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free items on our menu. We’ve got local sources and will tell you about them! Our truck also uses all biodegradable serving ware, because we’d like our kids and grandkids to be able to explore food, too.

Based in Southwest Michigan, hitting up Northwest Indiana too.  



Ryan Carragher

A coastal Maine native, Ryan honed his cooking skills in swanky seaside hotels in the high season, roughing it as a lobsterman in the off season. In 2014, he started working in a Japanese izakaya in Portland. The experience with umami turned his world around, opening up a new way to approach taste. 

Now, Ryan fuses his traditional French training with the unique flavor profiles found in Asian cooking. His food is creative, mixing two schools of thought into one dank dish. 

Beyond his kitchen, he's a dad of two little girls that love the truck almost as much as he does.